Wednesday, December 14, 2011

UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex

UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex is a UML editor with advanced CodeSync technology.
It is a developer friendly tool that can be used to model and synchronize ActionScript code (.as and .mxml files).

Some features highlights:

  • developer friendly workflow
  • CodeSync technology for code generation, reverse engineer, round trip and conflicts solving
  • support of ActionScript files and MXML files
  • refactoring support
  • team work support
  • and other great features ...

Monday, December 5, 2011

GestureWorks Multitouch Framework - Build Gesture-Driven Apps

GestureWorks® 3 is the most advanced multitouch framework ever built. Author amazing apps with the new Gesture Markup Language.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jangaroo - AS3 in browser without Flash Player plugin

Jangaroo is an Open Source project building developer tools that adopt the power of ActionScript 3 to create high-quality JavaScript frameworks and applications.

Flex / RIA Alternatives

Morfik - Build Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications
Wakanda - An open source platform for building business web applications with nothing but JavaScript

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Starling Framework - The GPU powered 2D Flash API

The Starling Framework is a pure ActionScript 3 library that mimics the conventional Flash display list architecture. In contrast to conventional display objects, however, all content is rendered directly by the GPU — providing a rendering performance unlike anything seen in the Flash Player before.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

PhoneGap - Deploy your app to Multiple Platforms

PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores. PhoneGap leverages web technologies developers already know best... HTML and JavaScript.

With PhoneGap you can:
  • Take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Use JavaScript to write your code
  • Access Native Features
  • Deploy your app to Multiple Platforms
Also, Nitobi -  the owner of PhoneGap, was aquired by Adobe. That means:
"This acquisition will allow Nitobi to focus solely on PhoneGap and work with Adobe to offer developers more efficient, expressive design and development across devices with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. By joining forces with Adobe, we’ll be able to offer even more innovative applications across platforms and devices, with greater reach."

Tumult Hype - another HTML5 content authoring software (MAC only)

Using Tumult Hype, you can create beautiful HTML5 web content.
Some features:

  • Animations
  • Scenes
  • Timelines
  • Actions
  • WebKit based canvas
  • Sizing and alignment tools
  • Custom Javascript actions



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adobe Edge - another professional tool for creating HTML5, JavaScript and CSS-based animations

Adobe® Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.
Edge will be updated regularly to add new functionality, stay ahead of evolving web standards, and incorporate user feedback to provide the best functionality and experience possible. This is an early look at Edge with more capabilities to come.


Faster Flex Compilation with Flash Builder 4.5

The Flex 4.5 SDK compiler is slightly faster and more conservative about memory compared to its previous version. There are a couple of small changes that a developer can make to speed up compilation. One of them involves a new compiler option and others are related to organizing code in your project and can be leveraged by customers on the 4.0 SDK as well.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sencha Animator, the first professional tool for creating CSS-based animations

Sencha Animator, the first professional tool for creating CSS-based animations, lets interactive designers create high-quality HTML5/CSS3-based animations that run smoothly on mobile devices and ad networks, without requiring a plug-in.